Every season, Whip City BMX has a points competition for end-of-season awards.  The points structure mirrors the District points awards (see your rule book for more information on the district points awards structure). Remember, only the races held at Whip City BMX count towards the Whip City BMX points competition, so come on out and race!!!!!

Any race at Whip City BMX that is double or triple points will be counted as such in the track points series too!  Check the race calendar to make sure you know about all of our single, double, and triple points events!  Each year we will set a minimum number of Whip City races required from the start of the points season to qualify for end of season awards.  This will be based the total number of Whip City races held.

And if you think chasing points at Whip City BMX is fun, try doing it with even more competition - Any points you earn at any USA BMX sanctioned track go towards your district points for the year!  So not only are you accumulating Whip City Points when you race at Whip City BMX, you are also on your way to earning your place as a district rider!   The overall district standings are updated regularly online as well as each edition of PULL magazine, and the number that precedes your name in the district listing is your earned district number for the year.  This earned district number must be used in place of your assigned USA BMX plate number.  


 FINAL 2023 Track Points

 Final 2022 Track Points

 Final 2019 Track Points

Final 2018 Track Points

 Final 2017 points

 Final 2016 points

 Final 2015 track points for riders with 10 or more races (points supplied directly from USA BMX!): 


2014 Points listing

2013 Points listing

2012 Points listing by class

2011 Points listing by class

2010 Points listing by class

2009 Points listing by class

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